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About Me

If I hadn't enrolled in a once-weekly photography course at a high school in Montreal around 1970, I might not have become a professional photographer. The teacher, Sam Tata, was one of Canada's most treasured documentary/street photographers. He exposed me to names such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Atget, Dorothea Lange, Walker Evans and more, and a new world opened up.

By the mid 1970's I was ready to quit my day job to start a new career taking photos for a living - somehow. Thank goodness for naiveté, ignorance, and "poor" judgement. With the full support and encouragement of my wife, I was able to attend Ryerson for a couple of years, then began assisting pros, acquiring the technical and business knowledge required to run a studio. 

With the help of a group of pros in a co-op studio called "Format", especially under the mentorship of one of the founding photographers, Clive Webster, I embarked on a 30+ year career, opening up my own studio, eventually specializing in Architecture and Interiors. I enjoyed every minute of it. Every day I worked with, and for, a talented group of intelligent, hard-working people that made my working life a joy.

By 2010 though, I was ready to pull back and think about retirement. I stopped taking advertising and editorial assignments but continued to shoot for a few Interior Designers which provided the funds for my wife and I to travel. In 2016, I stopped taking assignments completely, sold off all my pro gear and settled into retired life.

This website displays selected images that appeal to me, from all stages of my career. I will continue to add images as I find them in my binders of old film, or in my travels around home here in Toronto and out in the world.

Sam Tata ca. 1970

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Clive Webster 2009

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